Legal Labor Services

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In the event of disciplinary or objective dismissal, we study the case to claim its inadmissibility or nullity.

Extra hours unpaid

We demand payment for unpaid overtime.

Medical leave

We claim when the sick leave has to be due to a work accident instead of a common illness and we proceed to request permanent disability.

Situations of bullying

In these cases we proceed to make the appropriate complaints to stop the harassment or to obtain a compensated termination of the contract.

Claims of law

We proceed to claim any right from the Workers’ Statute, the agreement or the contract that the company is not granting.

Legal defense

Modifications of schedule or shift

We study whether these modifications made by the company are a substantial modification of the working conditions to challenge them or to claim compensated termination of the contract.

Problema con las nóminas

Legal services

Problem with payroll

We carry out quantity claims when the company does not pay in accordance with the minimum wage, agreement or contract.

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