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What can I do if I have been fired?

The individual dismissal carried out by the company can be disciplinary or objective. In the disciplinary one you do not receive any compensation and in the objective one you receive 20 days of salary per year worked in the company. In both cases, you can claim that the dismissal is unfair, which implies compensation of 33 days per year worked. The deadline to file this claim is 20 business days from the date of dismissal.

It is common for companies to carry out a disciplinary dismissal, using a generic dismissal letter to try not to pay the worker anything. For example, alleging “The continued and voluntary decrease in normal or agreed upon work performance.” without providing any evidence.

In the event that a fundamental right is violated, the dismissal may be declared void. Which implies the reinstatement of the worker and the payment of processing salaries.

What can I do if I charge less than my fair share?

Whether you are being paid less than what the agreement indicates, if you are not being paid for overtime or for any other reason, you can make a claim for amounts of underpaid wages during the last year.

What can I do if they want to change my schedule?

The change in schedule may involve a substantial modification of working conditions. In this situation, the worker can terminate the contract with a compensation of 20 days per year worked or challenge the modification before the social jurisdiction if it is considered not justified.

What can I do in a situation of harassment at work?

In the event of harassment at work or mobbing, the worker can demand termination of the contract due to serious non-compliance by the employer, with compensation of 33 days per year worked. In addition, the worker can claim compensation for moral damages.

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