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Miguel Bellés,
Social Graduated

I have a degree in Labor Relations from the University of Barcelona. Member of the College of Social Graduates of Barcelona.

By specializing in labor law, and exclusively defending workers and workers, I provide a service focused on your interests.

I collaborate with the Laie Advocats law firm and with the CNT de l’Hospitalet de Llobregat union.

Miguel Bellés

Expert in Labor Law

The situation of unequal power between the worker and the employer often leads to a worsening of the worker’s working conditions. In this situation, the law, with all its defects and deficiencies, protects the worker. Therefore, he deserves the effort to enforce the rights available to him.

Fearing the consequences for claiming a right, it should be noted that the law guarantees that the worker will not suffer reprisals for said claim. This is the so-called indemnity guarantee.

I offer a free first visit to study your case. The fees are adapted to each case to guarantee the right to legal defense.


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